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springs of all styles and end-use applications are coated by us. We apply all types of coatings specified by our customers including high corrosion PTFE in many colors and formulations, dry film lubricants and specialized noise reducing coatings.

Valves / Pump

Coated Rotary Valve Assembly.
Valves / Pump
Coated Die Cast Valve Assembly Components
Valves / Pump
Applications :

Valves of all types of metal alloys have been processed by us, with thin and thick coatings of PTFE, and other specialized materials. Certain stainless steel valves, depending on the specific alloy, benefit from even more corrosion resistance by using high-strength, multi-coat PTFE systems tightly bonded to the surface. The surface preparation, prior to coating is an area we have focused upon in order to provide the maximum and coating adhesion and service performance.
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