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Thanavala Enterprise is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and the First Indian PTFE (Fluoropolymer) coating company to be approved for coating of Air craft parts in India. We at Thanavala Enterprise use Dupont and Whitford coatings that makes the most complete line of Fluoropolymer coatings in the world.
We have a different approach towards solving customer problems. Instead of bending the problem to match a coating, we start with the problem and develop a coating to solve it. Thanavala Enteprise coatings become the "go to" brand when a custom coating is required.

The following is a list of benefits of PTFE/Xylan Fluoropolymer Coatings :

  1. Low frictional properties: as low as 0.02.

  2. Wear resistance: even under extreme pressures.

  3. Corrosion and chemical resistance.

  4. Weather resistance: against sunlight, saltwater and road chemicals.

  5. Wide temperature range: from -420° F to +550° F (-250° C to 285° C).

  6. Flexible curing schedule: 300° F to 750° F.

  7. Wide color range: available for most coatings.

  8. Pliability: Many Xylan coatings will bend freely and repeatedly without breaking.

  9. Excellent adhesion: to most metals, plastics, ceramics, and even to itself (most formulations).

Quality Control

At Thanavala Enteprise, we recognize that our customers expect excellent quality along with our competitive pricing, superior customer service and best in industry delivery times. We approach product quality as one of our core competencies and therefore are always focused on "What can we do better? " We are constantly improving our inspection and measurement techniques. But even more importantly, we strive for rapid feedback between the quality assurance and production departments.
Quality Contro
We train our inspectors to know coating systems first. They then use the knowledge to assure that you receive the highest possible quality for your product.

As a true "job-shop", we recognize that many of our assignments do not lend themselves to dedicated equipment or fully automatic inspection.

We have a large variety of inspection equipment, most of which is adaptable to any assignment. If your job requires specialized testing, we will be happy to work with you to get that inspection in place before starting the assignment.

We pay special attention to packaging! Some fluoroploymer coatings are easily damaged if not handled properly and require special attention when packaging. Our quality assurance inspectors are not only responsible for the applied coating, but also the final packaging. This provides our customers with an additional level of security that many other companies simply fail to provide.
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